Workshop: Conflict Resolution and Building Meaningful Relationships

Chinook Center will host a workshop on conflict resolution on June 9 at 2 pm in the Columbine A room of the Penrose Library. Navigate the interpersonal dynamics of working for change and ways to prevent them from destroying your organization. Examine common issues such as clique-formation, gas-lighting, behind-the-scenes campaigns, bullying, discrimination and micro-aggressions, ghosting, burn-out and other sources of personal and organizational conflict. Discuss and practice specific skills to manage and minimize these issues – and ways to use them for positive growth, such as arbitration and mediation processes, group reconciliation and forgiveness strategies, justice vs. vengeance dialogues, and tools for making our groups a place for growth and change for everyone involved. The workshop is facilitated by Chinook Center President Samantha Christiansen and Director Jay Flesher, both of whom have decades working with conflict resolution and mediation in unions, non-profits, legal firms, and classrooms.