We need your support!

Hi friends,
We are working so hard to get the Chinook Center up and running for us all. We are also taking extra care to make the space work for social distancing as we continue to cope with the COVID-19 necessary adjustments!

The truth is, to bring this resource and programming to our community, it costs money – and when we pool together it really does add up! There are lots of ways to send us a little help. You are investing in a movement for social, environmental, & economic justice- and the payback will be a TRANSFORMATION of power in our city!

You can donate on the Support Us tab at the top (and if you choose to make it a regular monthly donation it adds stability and sustainability to our work!)
Cashapp: $chinookcenter

We love you all! And if you share our fundraiser to your network – please let folks know you love us too (and thanks for vouching for us!) It makes a HUGE difference when we can expand our reach even just a little!