May 13, 2019

Support Us

The Chinook Center Needs Your Support!

Make a Financial Contribution to Grassroots Empowerment!

We are actively fundraising for programming and to support the costs of our location serves the entire community as a hub for grassroots action!  We are officially recognized as a 501(c)(3) organization and have an established board of dedicated volunteers committed to the mission of Chinook Center. We are 100% volunteer and donation based. All donations are tax deductible.

Donate here – and please consider making it a monthly donation! Your ongoing support keeps us sustainable and people powered!

There are many little actions you can do to support Chinook Center as well. Here are some examples:

This may seem small but when our whole community takes part it REALLY adds up!

Do you shop at King Soopers? You can designate Chinook Center on your Rewards card to receive donations through the King Soopers Community Rewards Program: Go to and log into your account. ( New users will need to create an account which requires some basic information, a valid email address and a loyalty card.)

  • Once logged into your account, you can scroll to the bottom of the page and click King Soopers Community Awards under the Community heading. Click on Customer Wanting to Enroll and search for The Chinook Center either by name or HQ675 and then click Enroll. Once you’re enrolled, you’ll earn rewards for Chinook Center every time you shop and use your Loyalty Card!
  • Designate Chinook Center for your Birthday Fundraiser on Facebook!
    There are endless wonderful options for a birthday fundraiser, and we’d be honored if you selected Chinook Center as a way to bring some social network dollars right into our community. Of course, as you know, 100% of those dollars go to justice work here in the community. Share the love – and happy birthday!
  • Spread the Word!
    It may not feel like a donation or contribution, but every single time you share a post, event, or just tell someone about Chinook Center, you are amplifying our ability to build the widest and strongest grassroots support network this community has ever seen.
  • Check to See if your Employer has a Matching Donation Program
    Many companies will match their employees’ individual contributions made to non-profit organizations. It is a great way to double the power of your contribution!
  • Also, if you work for a retail or food establishment, let us know if you have donations from your individual store that you can point our way – coffee, snacks, supplies, gift cards, and other items for events add up and we are always grateful for local donations!