People’s College: How to Write a Press Release & Media Strategies

The next session of People’s College takes place March 10 at 6pm! Join an amazing panel for a discussion of media and activism, followed by practical skills workshop on how to make the most of your media moment!

This session of People’s College will focus on creating understanding about what journalists need in a story, what activists need in a story, and how to meet both needs! The second half will be a workshop that focuses on specific skill building: writing a press release, doing on camera interviews, and getting your point made within a sound bite!

Check out our amazing panelists:

Shaun Walls, a community organizer and skilled media representative for Southeast Colorado Springs who will discuss his experiences with media when addressing complex social issues of race and policing.

Corey Hutchins, who teaches in the Colorado College Journalism Institute and covers media for Columbia Journalism Review and The Colorado Independent.

John Weiss, founder of the Colorado Springs Independent and journalist with decades of media experience as well as as decades of community involvement.

Do not miss this great opportunity to learn, grow and support this community- and if you’re already a pro at media strategy: Come share those skills!

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