History of Struggle: Lessons from Movements Past

People’s College Opens March 7 with History of Struggle: Lessons from Movements Past This is the first class of People’s College 2020! Join us at 2pm at the Penrose Library in room Columbine A!

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Recent social movements from around the world have taken down regimes. Similarly, the United States has been transformed by social movements such as the labor movement, Civil Rights movement and the anti-war movement. How did these movements achieve such important change?

This talk will address the history of people’s movements. It will focus in on large scale struggles with an emphasis on how these movements played out in the Pikes Peak region. In addition, it will address the issues of movement goals and tactics in an effort to gain practical insight into what these movements can teach us today.

This session will be facilitated by Jon Christiansen. Jon has 20 years of experience as an activist, has worked as a community, tenant, and labor organizer and brings over ten years of experience as an educator in multiple universities across the United States. As a sociologist his academic work focuses on social movements, class and labor, and global political economy. He has co-founded three successful grassroots organizations addressing a range of community and political needs.