Chinook Center Announces a Coalition for the People’s Budget!

If one thing’s become painfully clear over the course of the past year, it’s that in our city, traditional politics—business as usual—isn’t capable of adequately addressing the needs, wants, and hopes of all “the people.” Nowhere is this more apparent than in how Colorado Springs spends our money. The current budget process represents a woefully narrow spectrum of interests, and at worst silences and oppresses our voices, especially the most marginalized in our community. Budgetary control can no longer rest in their hands. It’s time for us to determine how our dollars are spent. Hit them in the wallet and take the Colorado Springs budget into our own hands.

Join us in this wide-ranging community coalition for justice! We’re meeting in Acacia Park August 1, from 6pm-8pm to get started! Your input is valuable! We’re strongest together!!

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