March 20, 2019

About the Chinook Center


The Chinook Center is a progressive, mission driven community space that empowers and connects people and grassroots organizations working for social, economic and environmental justice in the Pikes Peak region. The Chinook Center expands the capacity of existing organizations as well as helps facilitate connections, supports emerging activists, and inspires new projects and collaborations. As a community founded in action, we also facilitate mutual aid programs and work for justice in the community by bringing resources to those in need and organizing around key issues impacting our city. The Chinook Center serves as a hub for a diverse array of grassroots work that can flourish in a community of support and solidarity.

Who is the Chinook Center?

The Chinook Center is a 501c3 non-profit, 100% volunteer run organization. Our Board is made up of dedicated activist-scholars and justice workers with decades of experience in grassroots organizations spanning a broad range of causes.

At the heart of of the Chinook Center is a community of folks who want to see justice, solidarity, and empowerment across the region, and ultimately, the entire planet. As you are reading this, you too are a part of the Chinook Center!