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Chinook Center To Co-host “Just Talk” Discussion of Police Brutality and Community Relations Six years after the founding of Black Lives Matter and four months after the shooting of De’Von Bailey in Southeast Colorado Springs, what is the state of the relationship between the police and the community? Do different communities within Colorado Springs experience Read more about THE PEOPLE AND THE POLICE: EXAMINING THE DIVIDE[…]

Chinook Center Collaborates with UCCS for a First Friday film showing AUGUST 2!

We’re so delighted to work with UCCS College of Letters, Arts and Sciences and the Dowtown UCCS campus to host this great film made by UCCS student (now alum). This is part of the First Friday events and one of several films in the Independent Student Film Collaborative. At Chinook Center, we are committed to building connections in our community. We think celebrating the success of local filmmakers and students is a great way to spend a Friday evening and we hope to see you there!

Another Technology Grant

Chinook Center received a $5,000 grant for data services from a corporation that wishes to remain anonymous, one of the largest providers of data services in the world. Chinook will use the grant to support clients in creating and maintaining data services for their organizations and projects. This grant is in addition to the $3,500 Read more about Another Technology Grant[…]

August 18 at 2pm Summer Workshop #3 The Long Run: Goals and Strategies for Winning

Social movements aspire to make change. But what does that change look like and how do we get there? This workshop will focus on envisioning goals from the mundane to the revolutionary, implementing strategies to reach those goals and identifying effective tactics that have been used by successful activists around the world.

Nuts and Bolts: Building Power through Effective Organization

The Chinook Center will host a workshop on ways to build effective organization on July 21 at the UCCS Downtown campus located at 102 S Tejon St., Suite 105 A. Social change groups are often driven by passion for a cause rather than a passion for structure and process. Learn how to turn that activist Read more about Nuts and Bolts: Building Power through Effective Organization[…]

Alexander Film Company

The Chinook filmshowing this evening was fascinating. If you couldn’t make it, here’s a short film on an interesting chapter in Colorado Springs history. Alexander Industries was at one time the largest employer in the city. Alexander Film Company was at one time the largest producer of commercial films in the country. Alexander Aircraft was Read more about Alexander Film Company[…]

New Board Member

Chinook welcomes Alexander Archuleta to its board. Alex is a native of Colorado Springs with deep family and community ties to the Pikes Peak Region and San Luis Valley. Alex brings with him many years of social justice and political organizing experience specializing in face-to-face citizen mobilization campaigns for political parties, candidates, and advocacy groups Read more about New Board Member[…]